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Brighten your day with a little Manolo Blahnik anyone?

I don’t know about you, but Thursdays can be pretty rough for me… So why not re-energize your spirit and put that pep back in your step with some colorful pumps from Manolo Blahnik. Surely, there are two things that I can always count on to brighten my day: bold and bright lipstick and sexy color pumps! Bethaina Xo



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Bringing a smile to a child’s face this Valentine

As I sat making my son his first little valentine card, I fast forwarded and began thinking that perhaps in twenty years from now this Valentine card made by his Mommy would bring a smile to his face and remind him that he was then and will forever hold the key to my heart. It made me think about other children who may not have the love they need and deserve not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. I wondered what I could do for those children who need that confidence boost, love or just need to hear that they are truly special. At that moment, I reminded myself it’s the little things that matter, and small kind gestures can go a long way. There is nothing more warming to the heart and soul than bringing a smile to a child’s face. I learn from example from my mother and sisters who continue to inspire me everyday by always finding opportunities to reach out and help others in any way they can. I decided for this Valentine’s Day, after being inspired by my mother, to make cards with special messages of love to those children who may have been forgotten or who just need some extra love and attention.
If anyone knows of a child who can use some cheer and love please direct message me. I will be sending out some cards with stamps and stickers all made with love by Monday. Bethaina xo